(All the .exe file, after extraction, type "Play" to start.
All the .bas file , need Qbasic to open them.)

   lost program:
Fight (90), Fight2(91),Ball (91),
PK(91), Leo(92)
When I was Form 1, I've found a floppy disk with many basic programs in it. Driven by curiosity, I read through and modified the source code of those programs. Finally, I've learnt basica...

In the floppy disk, there was a text mode program called Arrow. When running, an arrow ">>>----->" will fly from left to right. I felt it is so funny. So I modify the arrow into a match man.....After add some keyboard input feature, my first game, Fight, was born. It is a sword fighting game. But I think I am the only player of this game.

Fight2 is my second game. It is a text mode fighting program.
It supports "Human vs Computer" and "Human vs Human". Only Gallon has been playing this game with me.

Ball is a ball bouncing game. PK is a penalty kick game.
I feel so glad that there are some friends support me when writing these games.

I love the game Leo. The character is using a whip. It can be used to attack enemy or bind other object and let the player fly in the sky like Tarzan. There is 10 stages in this game.

Unfortunately, all these games has been killed by bad sector.... :(

It is my first flighting game. At that stage, I did not know how to save pictures into files.. So all the picture are drawn by point, line and circle in real time and make the object twinkling. Although the interface is really bad, I love this game!
Click here to download

It was my first game with filled pictures. It was a simple sword fighting game. It brought me happiness. Thanks to Little Fox! He always play this game with me! When writing this game, I've learnt how to store pictures in memory. Since there was no double buffering, the problem of twinkling was not solved.
Click here to download

It is my first adventure game. No story. Most of the time is fighting. Players need to concern his life, power, the speed and efficency of the tactics when fighting.
Click here to download

I've learnt how to save pictures into files and have written a drawing program. The drawing program was controlled by keyboard only. Afterwards, I started to written many 256 colors games. In Sword II, there are 14 characters, each has his own tactics.
The method for special attack:  down + right + left + attack.

Thanks to my classmates' support! Thanks to Lam Yu! He has written a background story for this game.

(I've picked this program to participate the programming contest in my school (KTMC), and win the 5.25 inches floppies finally! ^O^)

Click here to download

I've just bought a 2400 bps modem. So I write this text mode game which can be played with other through modem. Finally, I find that the latency problem cannot be solved.... :(

Control method:
player one: 4, 6
player two: i, p

Click here to download

An Adventure game. The next version of Billy. (Actually, Billy has been renamed as Davis) I was influenced by the games Dragon Ball Z (by Nitendo) when designing this game.
There are 29 characters. 
(I've use this game to participate the 93 CDSC Computer Exhibition. Because I felt so scared in the presentation,  I lost.)
Click here to download

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